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Children's Physiotherapy & Yoga

"Lucy was brilliant with my daughter. When we started, Ines was 4 months old and had torticollis and would clench her right arm on many occasions. Lucy was very warm and engaged with Ines beautifully. She taught me how to do physio without forcing my daughter, just by changing how I did day to day things, like changing her nappy or playing with her. She gave me lots of tips and provided expert advice, as well as giving me comfort in that with work, evolution could be positive. Lucy helped Ines to successfully get rid of her tight neck completely and develop her right arm, and at 1.5 years old now, I can happily say there is practically no difference in how Ines uses both arms. Thank you very much for your professional help and your human touch."

Carmen - Mother


Lucy is a dedicated and effective children's physiotherapist and yoga teacher with over fourteen years of paediatric experience.


She is passionate about babies and children moving and functioning to the best of their ability and she loves helping families with achieving this together!


Lucy wants parents and carers to feel empowered with knowledge about their child's unique developmental pathway and feel confident in how and when to help...and when not to!


Neurological Concerns

Musculoskeletal and Postural Concerns

Early Years and Developmental Delay


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