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I am experienced in working with case management companies. I provide assessment reports in a timely manner and can produce treatment programmes and update reports when needed.  

I am passionate about multi-disciplinary working and always liaise closely with anyone else involved with a child's care to ensure holistic and joined up treatment.  

I have significant experience in training carers and educational staff and can deliver high standard teaching. I can also provide advice on equipment needs; including seating where required.


“I was lucky enough to find Lucy amongst a list of names on the CSP website and I am very grateful that I did.  She responded within 2 hours to my call and we were able to book an assessment within a week for a new client of mine that urgently needed physiotherapy  input.

Lucy has been working with my client for over 6 months now.  She has been instrumental in setting up a 24 hour postural management plan for my client and this has significantly improved not only my client’s posture but her alertness too.

Lucy has worked closely with the care team, teaching them and mentoring them on how to position my client, but also, which is incredibly important, educated the carers as to why out client needs these exercises and positions. Her written management plans are the best I have seen, detailed, easy to read and a document that the care team value and refer to.

She understands the role of case management and the need to evidence and justify costs. All her estimates for Physio intervention have been accurate and she is very thorough in keeping summary notes, which she forwards each month. I would not hesitate to refer Lucy to my other clients”

Kerry Green, Case Manager - Independent Living Solutions Ltd.

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