Following an initial telephone consultation to understand your child's specific needs, I offer a full and thorough assessment to enable a honest expert opinion on further action. I can then provide tailored advice, programmes and/or treatment as required.

I take a holistic, hands-on approach to treatment where necessary and work closely with children, their families and other professionals to ensure they reach their full potential.  I am passionate about working with, and empowering parents, to enable them to optimise their child’s ability.  I will also incorporate elements of yoga into my physiotherapy practice where appropriate.   

It is important to assess a child in their own, familiar environment:  This gives you the added convenience of me coming to you.  However, if required I will also see your child at nursery, school, in the playground or swimming pool.

I cover Central, Southwest and Southeast London with the M25.  If you are unsure whether I can come to you, please get in contact. 


As well as incorporating yoga techniques into my physiotherapy practice, I can offer 1:1 yoga sessions following an initial assessment, whether they have movement challenges and/or special needs or not. 

Getting children started involved in Yoga early, has been shown to be very valuable in encouraging understanding about their bodies and their minds.  Other benefits include:

  • Building focus and concentration

  • Increasing confidence and positive self-image

  • Learning about the importance of movement and breathing

  • Encouraging the use of strategies to manage stress and anxiety early

  • Enabling children to talk about how they are feeling.

  • But, most of all FUN!

I will occasionally teach group sessions, but I organise these as required, based on numbers and similar need.  But, please ask if you are interested in the class for your child.     

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