Lucy was brilliant with my daughter. When we started, Ines was 4 months old and had torticollis and would clench her right arm on many occasions. Lucy was very warm and engaged with Ines beautifully. She taught me how to do physio without forcing my daughter, just by changing how I did day to day things, like changing her nappy or playing with her. She gave me lots of tips and provided expert advice, as well as giving me comfort in that with work, evolution could be positive. Lucy helped Ines to successfully get rid of her tight neck completely and develop her right arm, and at 1.5 years old now, I can happily say there is practically no difference in how Ines uses both arms. Thank you very much for your professional help and your human touch. 

Carmen - Mother

When my daughter was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, mixed spastic and dystonic, I desperately wanted to do everything possible to help her reach her fullest potential. Having Lucy Hodge as her physiotherapist does exactly this and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Lucy is an incredibly passionate and talented individual. Her handling skills are amazing and she is also an excellent teacher, empowering my husband and I to confidently play with and hold our daughter in a way that means she continues to have opportunities to develop outside of her physio sessions. Lucy puts my daughter at the centre of her care and is proactive in joining up with the various other therapists we see. Annabelle has gained so much from working with Lucy and, very importantly, has had a lot of fun whilst doing so!

Abi - Mother

I contacted Lucy as I was becoming increasingly anxious with regards to my 3 month old daughter's development. My health visitor and GP were not supportive with regards to my concerns. Lucy was recommended to me by a friend and I am so glad I acted on the recommendation.  I was worried that my daughter had one arm stronger than the other and also that she felt somewhat “floppy” in comparison to other babies of the same age.  Lucy gave me honest explanations and expectations and was so supportive with the advice and guidance provided. She has given me the confidence to assist my daughter gain strength and has given me the reassurance that I needed as a first time mother.  I cannot thank Lucy enough and I know that she is always there if I have any questions or concerns. 

Rebecca - Mother

I feel happy when I see Lucy, we have fun doing yoga together.  Since wearing the ankle boots (Lucy has recommended) I can run around in the school playground and play chase with my friends without falling....

Oliver, 6 - Patient

Lucy has been hugely supportive in helping our 4 year old son build up strength and range of movement in his legs following a cancer diagnosis in 2016. Lucy provided an in depth telephone assessment and then assessed our son at home before recommending exercises and activities. Lucy has extensive experience and, importantly for us, makes the exercises fun with her creative and enthusiastic approach. We can’t recommend her more highly.

Harriet and Dan - Parents 

'Lucy makes me work hard, sometimes it is fun...! She makes me use my standing frame with Karen (carer), but I like doing cooking in the kitchen in it.  She helps with my breathing - counting to 10 is good when I feel upset.'

Lily, 11 - Patient  

We approached Lucy as my 6 year old son has hypermobile joints and postural difficulties and, as such, struggles with running.  We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Lucy, and have found her to be very enthusiastic and  flexible in her approach.  Her programmes are creative and are easily incorporated into a daily routine, making it less stressful when you have a busy family/work life. Through Lucy's advice and activity programmes given both at home and at school, she has helped our son to overcome some of his postural difficulties and we have seen a marked improvement in his mobility. We are very impressed by the overall input delivered and can’t speak highly enough of Lucy.

Marika and Nick - Parents

Lucy is a gem. When looking for help for a child with autistic traits and poor muscle tone, motor skills, it's frustrating to meet so many professionals who just share advice you can find online. Of all the specialists we've instructed, Lucy was the one who really got to know our son, and gave us useful, practical feedback about his underlying physical characteristics, needs and ways to help him. She taught us about how his ligaments worked, the extent of his delays, and provided reassurance in a lot of areas. She exuded confidence, expertise and a great personal touch - she's ideally suited to working with children, especially those with complex needs. We had sessions in a park and in a swimming pool which were both comprehensive and also enjoyable.  The exercises Lucy recommended were sensible, specific and yet easy to incorporate into normal day-to-day play. The games didn't feel 'drilled' and were child-focused and therefore easy to sustain over time, improving their effectiveness. We were impressed with her input and so were the pre-school and school.

Chris - Father

Lucy is simply brilliant.  We were lucky enough to catch her for an in-person consultation just as we moved to South East London back in February when our son was around 13 months old, and were immediately put at ease and filled with confidence thanks to her professionalism, knowledge and warmth.  Leo had hip dysplasia (DDH) in both joints as an infant, and while this was corrected with the help of a Pavlik harness very early on, he now has very hypermobile joints to add to his particular little equation, which has all combined to mean his gross motor development is just a little behind his peers.  Lucy was instrumental in helping us understand that Leo's movement challenges actually extended beyond his hips, which really helped us see the bigger picture for him.  Lucy was able to give us tangible and easy to follow exercises to employ right away - crucially, these all involved engaging with Leo in play and positioning he would be doing already, which made it so much easier to apply day to day.  Later on in lockdown, we had another session with Lucy over video which she managed brilliantly, giving us lots of feedback and plenty of next step exercises to help Leo (and us) move forwards with confidence.  I was particularly grateful for the time and care Lucy then took in helping us find the right shoes for Leo once he was pulling up to standing - she really went out of her way to give us the best advice, which we so much appreciated.  Leo is now nearly 2 years old and almost at the point of taking his first unassisted steps - thanks in no small part to Lucy's help.  We wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for physiotherapy support.

Anna - Mother

'Thank you so much...for all you have done with Emma through this saga. You have been the most enormous help and support throughout and I don’t know where we would have been without you. Thank you for all your energy and creativity and persistence.  It has been most enormously appreciated.' Excerpt from email

Alice - Mother of child with complex elbow/arm injury